How to Guide Your Patients to Better Health

The Physician’s Red Meat Pledge

As a physician, we’re asking you to take a key Medical Oath, similar to the magnificent and binding Hippocratic Oath you took upon launching your career. It’s both useful and important to act NOW to Take the Pledge – the Pledge Against Red Meat. We need to change the system that promotes ill-health.
“The system is made by people and can also be changed by people. Communities need our moral leadership.”

Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH (Harvard Medical School) in the "Journal of General Internal Medicine," June 1998

There are 3 important reasons why you should act NOW and why this Pledge is so critical today.



National health is in a catastrophic state. You know this better than anyone - from the vast numbers of obese, COPD, diabetic, cardio– and cerebro-vascular patients who come daily to the door of your practice.

Never in the history of humankind has there been a more critical moment in healthcare than today’s mission-critical issues. You strive to help patients every day – and now, with a small additional effort (in fact, a single sentence!), you can help to stem and reverse the national health catastrophe we are facing.



Your patients respect you, and they desperately need your guidance. You know from experience that families are often fractured; that schools are troubled and teachers handcuffed; religious guidance is ignored by many if not most; and federal and state government is suspect and self-serving. The physician is truly the final bulwark against healthcare disaster and its related financial and moral catastrophes.



The earth, our only planet and the framework for our lives, needs serious help. Global warming and greenhouse gases are choking the environment, creating profound systemic and social change. These threaten to overwhelm us and cause unimaginable suffering. The additive effects of agriculture, animal flatulence, food transportation and related factors cause some researchers to calculate a value from 21% to as high as 51% of greenhouse gases caused by red meat-related activities. The production of red meat, the demand for it, and the consumption of red meat, is strangling the earth itself

You can help. In fact, you may be one of the few people who can.

When you take the Red Meat Pledge, you will help to create a movement – a vast, important movement that can change the face of the earth: making it greener, healthier, more productive, and overflowing with goodwill.

Please do it today.

How Can I Take The Pledge?

It’s simple.
CLICK HERE to take the Physician's Pledge.

As a physician, your Medical Oath against Red Meat consumption, for your patients’ guidance, is as binding as the Oath of Hippocrates, and potentially as effective – as it can alter the current catastrophic course of personal, global and environmental well-being. Please CLICK HERE to review and adopt the Red Meat Pledge.