Great institutions do great works. Participation in PhARM makes you greater!

The Institutional Red Meat Pledge

Members, friends, workers and supporters of government and non-government organizations know that many are swayed by institutional commitments. If you work for a forward-looking institution, bring your institution to the Pledge table! You’ll both make a global change!
As a leader of your staff and management team, you can set a powerful example that reverberates in the institutional community. Typically, a key person in your institution becomes an internal champion for PhARM, and he or she brings the message of health – personal, planetary, professional and compassionate – to the institution’s leadership, and then its membership.
Whether you are an educational institution, a service or manufacturing workplace, or a sales, marketing or information provisioning company, you can make a real difference…with just a click and a note. Let’s start the journey to universal health for ourselves and the earth here, now, with the simplest action possible: the institutional pledge. Click HERE to see the pledge wording.

How to Implement the Pledge?

To implement the Pledge, please consider to send out an email, post a physical sign, or include the information in a newsletter or regular communications organ.
Some suggested wording:
To: All (Company Name) Staff, Management, Team Members.

From: (Leader’s Name/Title)

Re: The Red Meat Pledge

We recently joined the group “Physicians Against Red Meat” (“PhARM”) in order to help create better health for people, our planet, and those who are harmed by excessive world consumption of red meat: individuals, families, our lands and farms, our animal friends, our atmosphere.

We have pledged to NOT serve red meat at any of our company-sponsored functions. We think that our stepping-out to improve health and humanity – in the broadest sense – will benefit all of us in our immediate and extended family. We hope you will support this effort.

If you would consider to join PhARM, please visit for more information.

We are guiding our food service staff and providers to not serve red meat at any of our company-sponsored functions. We hope you support and appreciate our intentions

As a physician, your Medical Oath against Red Meat consumption, for your patients’ guidance, is as binding at the Oath of Hippocrates, and potentially as effective – as it has the potential to alter the current catastrophic course of personal, global and environmental well-being. Please CLICK HERE to review and adopt the Red Meat Pledge.