A single person can produce a global effect.

Take the Pledge Against Red Meat

Why You Should Pledge

Take the Pledge – the Pledge Against Red Meat. Throughout history, the actions of a single person can have an enormous effect – whether it’s the “Ripple Effect” or the “Butterfly Effect “ or the “Leadership Effect.” When you take the Red Meat Pledge, you will help to create the beginnings of a storm – a storm that will change the face of the earth: making it greener, healthier, more productive, and overflowing with goodwill.

How Can I Take The Pledge?

How can you do this? It’s so simple. If you are a physician, please CLICK HERE to go to the Pledge Frame. If you are an individual, CLICK HERE for the Red Meat Pledge. If you act on behalf of an institution, CLICK HERE for the institutional Pledge

The Pledge of an Individual

We know that it isn’t an easy thing for some individuals to give up red meat. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements to eat this or that, and the majority of these ads promote hamburgers (red meat) or chicken (white meat). Sometimes ads promote pork as “the other white meat” but of course, this is double-speak: pork is clearly “red meat.” So is lamb of course, and goat meat. Some cultures eat dog meat – another “red meat.”

3 Individual Pledge Levels

There are THREE individual pledge levels to choose from.  Pick the one that is most consistent with your current state-of-mind and “state-of-heart.”  And don’t worry: over time, the pledge idea will grow and flourish in your thoughts, and you may come back to take a deeper, more comprehensive pledge.

One Small Step – A Giant Step for Mankind

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – so just take the first step.  It doesn’t matter whether you  pledge to Level One, Level Two or Level Three.  But for the sake of everyone around you, for the sake of children everywhere on earth, for the sake of children yet unborn…

Take the Red Meat Pledge!

About All The Pledge Levels: Expanding The Team


Once you have taken the Pledge – whether Level One, Two or Three – you’ll see that we might ask you to suggest others who might similarly participate.  We’d like to expand the team, and grow into a powerful voice for personal and environmental improvement.


We will ask you to think about special friends, perhaps mentors, colleagues and family – perhaps workplace or school or church/synagogue/mosque – who would consider to join us, and join us all, in stepping up to cure the planet and help themselves as well.  If you don’t have any ideas about this, or don’t feel fully comfortable providing a name and email (and the nature of  your relationship), don’t worry at all!  You will still be playing a very important part in saving health, earth and quality of life for those around you.