A single person can produce a global effect.

Take the Red Meat Pledge

Why You Should Pledge

Take the Pledge – the Red Meat Pledge.  Throughout history, the actions of a single person can have an enormous effect – whether it’s the “Ripple Effect” or the “Butterfly Effect “ or the “Leadership Effect.”  When you take the Red Meat Pledge, you will help to create the beginnings of a storm – a storm that will change the face of the earth: making it greener, healthier, more productive, and overflowing with goodwill.

How Can I Take The Pledge?

How can you do this?  It’s so simple.
  • If you are a physician, CLICK HERE to go to the Physician Pledge.
  • If you are an individual, please CLICK HERE to go to the Individual Pledge.
  • If you act on behalf of an institution, CLICK HERE for the institutional Pledge