Red Meat Pledge is

first and foremost - an association, a club of people who believe that there is strength in unity.

That unity represents a commitment to make a better world: for the next generation, for ourselves, for endangered species, for the sad mammals we consume, and for the earth's lungs - rain forests - that red meat production is destroying forever.

Red Meat Pledge is......

  • Information: the latest information available, delivered to your inbox weekly
  • Camaraderie: Ongoing friendship and unified actions with like-minded citizens
  • Commitment: The tremendous strength of personal commitments, welded through a strong interpersonal bond
  • Sharing: The sharing of stories, information, perspectives and actionable items

Red Meat Pledge is you, and is for you, and for our mission: to save lives and promote wellness via avoidance of red meat. All of us are delighted and honored to be united with all of you!!