September 10, 2020

Learn More About Chadwick Boseman and Colon Cancer.

From 1970 to 1980, for people 50 and older, rates of colon and colo-rectal cancers were declining.  However, by the mid-19890s, young adults were increasingly stricken […]
September 15, 2020

Brits Turn The Tables – On Themselves and Red Meat

When you think of dinner in London, it’s probably rare Porterhouse steak with chips (fried potatoes) and overcooked green beans.  The classic British red meat dinner.   […]
September 21, 2020

Earth Barreling Toward ‘Hothouse’ Climate State – Is Red Meat to Blame?

According to a new study in the journal Science, the analysis of thousands of ocean floor core samples has revealed the most detailed record of Earth’s climate ever.  […]
September 30, 2020

New York and Washington Under Water: Climate Change and Red Meat

Imagine New York City with six feet of water everywhere or Washington DC under four feet of water.  This is not some imaginary climate-change Armageddon, but […]