Academy of Science: Trans Fats Unsafe. Red Meat A Major Source
October 14, 2020
The molecular link to cancer
November 6, 2020

According to an analysis of NHANES data (1999-2004 National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey), meat consumption is associated with obesity and central obesity among U.S. adults.  Regression models showed consistent positive associations between Meat Consumption and BMI, waist circumference, obesity, and central obesity. 
The study is HERE

Further, a large meta-analysis published this week in the JAMA dug into mortality, obesity and COVID-19 deaths.

The study, by a group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, found that “adults with coronavirus disease 2019 who are obese had a 113% higher risk of being hospitalized and a 48% higher risk of dying from the disease than normal-weight or overweight adults.”

To reduce the risk of death from COVID-19, adults should consider reducing their BMI, perhaps by removing meat from their diets.

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