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August 4, 2020
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August 14, 2020

Start By Stopping Meat, says Ultramarathon Winner Scott Jurek

Ultramarathron runner and running legend Scott Jurek is proof that being a world-class athlete doesn’t require meat – and one is better off without it.

“A lot of people assume that one needs to eat animal products to gain a lot of muscle mass or sufficient muscle mass for even power sports, and that’s definitely been proved false time and time again,” says Jurek, in his “No Meat Athlete” interview.

Injury prevention and recovery is at the top of his list of reasons for favoring a non-meat diet. “I started noticing the recovery benefits, the ability of my body to be consistent for workouts and for races.....injuries and injury prevention.” To read the entire interview with Jurek, go to To see videos about the dangers of red meat, and how and why to avoid it, visit

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