Avoid The Dangers of Red Meat

There are many facets to the dangers of red meat.

When we avoid consuming red meat, we are also profoundly changing all the dangers attached to its problems.  Every time we abstain from eating red meat, we avoid the red meat health problems – and those problems affect everything on earth: the general environment; the condition of the atmosphere and global warming; the horrific and pitiable life of animals cruelly raised for a tortuous slaughter; the overwhelming cost to society of cancer, diabetes, obesity, COPD and heart disease caused by the dangers of red meat.

Our mission attempts to leverage the vast problems and dangers of red meat through you, the person who might buy it and eat it.  Every time you purchase red meat at the supermarket, you perpetuate the cycle of global warming, animal brutality, societal illness and personal ailments.

While studies differ on whether red meat production causes 20% or 51% of greenhouse gas production and its awful poisoning of planet earth, no responsible scientist disagrees with the fact that your personal consumption of red meat is actually a key factor in global warming!

Therefore, to change the trend, and bring our planet back to a more normal condition, your personal commitment to abstaining from red meat is both central and critical.  Take the pledge today!  Whether you are a doctor, an institution, an adult, a child or a concerned citizen, your vote counts…your action counts…your help matters.

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